Question: Suggestions on how to handle homework battles

Our school is starting in a few weeks and I am already dreading the homework battles. Last year, hw was major a nightly drama for my daughter… it takes her so long and she struggles with every assignment. I mean near tears almost every night. I feel like this is not normal and I’m not sure what to do to help her.


Advice from Schoolfamily

Lisa @ School Family writes:
Caroline- Homework is stressful for both kids and parents, isn't it? Most teachers will tell you that homework is meant to be review/practice of skills covered in class. They say that if your child repeatedly can’t figure out the work, then something is going wrong in the classroom and it’s time to talk with your daughter’s teacher. Something else to keep in mind: if you get too involved in helping her, with homework, the teacher will never know at school that your daughter was struggling at home. Maybe you want to set up a meeting with her teacher sooner rather than later, to let her know what last year was like and talk about homework expectations. Giving her teacher a heads up before school starts will probably lessen your stress level! Also, this may be obvious but have you had her vision and hearing tested recently? ~ Lisa
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Community Advice

Tornin2 writes:
What grade is your daughter currently in? Talking to the teacher is wise, especially getting it done early but if they do not help early in addressing any concerns then go to the learning specialist on campus or ask for a referral. There may be some underlying issue that is happening with your daughter that needs to be worked through.
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