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So I keep hearing this term. What does it really mean and it is a bad thing?

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SchoolFamily Q&A > Being an Involved Parent at School > Helicopter parent?
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Question: Helicopter parent?

So I keep hearing this term. What does it really mean and it is a bad thing?

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Advice from School Family and Our Experts

Lisa @ School Family writes:
Thanks for jumping in, Erin! As with everything else, there’s a spectrum of involvement, and the stereotypical helicopter parents—controlling every minute of their children’s days and every aspect of their lives—go too far toward the involved end. But the other extreme, being uninvolved and uncaring, is even worse. Think it's all about balance -- and it’s a moving target as your child grows. The right amount of involvement and oversight is different for a 5-year-old than for a 14-year-old. So, I guess the goal is to have a child who can make great decisions, achieve goals, and be happy even when we’re not around. The only way that will happen is if we slowly loosen the reins over time. Such a fine line, isn’t it?
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Community Advice

ErinTM writes:
Parents who hover over kids. Who don't let kids live their own lives, make mistakes, fail, etc. Helicopter parents are in all of their kids business. Try this quiz to see if you are one :)
Are You a Helicopter Parent?
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