Question: Poolside problems..Can anyone help.

My little girl hit other kids who were teasing her in line for swimming. How should I talk to her about it? It seems silly to me, but they told her she likes spiderman, so she hit them. If she were a boy, someone would say "boys will be boys" but because she is a girl, the teachers want me to address this issue. I have always told her not to hit, and we do not allow her to hit at home. How can I show her another approach to kids who are teasing, and what kind of disciplinary action would be appropriate?


Advice from Schoolfamily

Lisa @ School Family writes:
How about having a conversation with your daughter that goes something like this: first recap what the boys said, then validate her feelings by saying something like, "I bet that was really frustrating!' Then ask her if she thinks hitting him was the right way to handle it. Hopefully she'll say no ; ) Then you can brainstorm with her about different ways she could have handled it and what she can do in the future. Stress to her how powerful her words can be. If she is still really mad about something after she uses her words, suggest that she punch a pillow or something. Teasing is tough any way you slice it, but eventually people on both sides of it learn what my mother always told me in response to my brothers teasing -- if you react, it's just going to keep on happening!
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