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do the pre school children take naps in school, if so how long do they nap
Asked by erpetite in Pre-School

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pre-k enrollment
Hi My daughter is turning four years on April 28th, 2012. Will she be able...
Asked by korease33063 in Pre-School

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Check list for toddlers for auditory,visual and Kinesthetic learner
I need a questionair to see what kind of learner what my two toddlers are.
Asked by Anonymous in Pre-School

(1 response)

Potty training a boy!!
Can someone please tell me how to get your 2 1/2 yr old son to take interes...
Asked by Anonymous in Pre-School

(3 responses)

My grandson is 4 yrs old and is doing everything and above for his age exce...
Asked by nannag in Pre-School

(7 responses)

Trouble learning
I am an aunt and have my four year old niece two days a week. I'm trying t...
Asked by Anonymous in Pre-School

(3 responses)

What is the best way to secure daycare for my infant?
Getting daycare has been a struggle. My friends said to start registering b...
Asked by in Pre-School