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13 year old ADHD problem
How do I teach my son to sit still? He is impulsive and does not pay much a...
Asked by anjalic4 in Middle School

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How to get good grades in 8th grade?
Asked by Anonymous in Middle School

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Math Anxiety
My algebra teacher has recently diagnosed me with having math anxiety. I ha...
Asked by mandy3449 in Middle School

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Extra Math Help
I'm in algebra one honors this year. I don't understand anything the teache...
Asked by Anonymous in Middle School

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Past school freinds
I went to school there and I'd like to find my past freinds and find a year...
Asked by Bud Swagger in Middle School

(2 responses)

6th Graders And Homework
How do I get my 6th grader to remember to bring his homework home? I've tri...
Asked by Anonymous in Middle School

(1 response)

Hates writing
My almost 7th grader hates to write. I know that there is a big jump in wri...
Asked by Gentian in Middle School

(1 response)

Organization skills for Middle Schoolers
My son is in 6th grade which means he is heading to middle school next year...
Asked by TerryD7 in Middle School

(1 response)

what do these letters mean
what do the letters on attendance sheet mean, these are uex, ext,exc,eed,...
Asked by brendabennett in Middle School

(3 responses)

How to say thank you to 8th grade teachers? What is proper?
What is a proper gift to give 8th grade teachers at Christmas time?
Asked by Anonymous in Middle School