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How many hours can a teacher require of a student outside of the regular sc...
Is there a limit to how many hours or events a teacher can require my 10th...
Asked by Emser in Education Issues/Policies

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Getting intradistrict permit for children victims of crime
Daughter got widrawn from SPSD after they were victims of violent crime bec...
Asked by iloverosa82 in Education Issues/Policies

(1 response)

Repeating Kinder
My son is in a dual language program and both teachers in the targeted lang...
Asked by LindaOchiai in Education Issues/Policies

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3rd Grade Transitions
What is the best way to teach 3rd graders, 1 or 2 teachers for all subjects...
Asked by cedonna in Education Issues/Policies

(2 responses)

Children Rights 4 grade public school
Should my daughter's teacher ask her not to tell me what is going on in her...
Asked by Anonymous in Education Issues/Policies

(1 response)

standardized tests
how does the elmontdistrict compare to other districts on long Island
Asked by faithful in Education Issues/Policies

(1 response)

Frustrated with administration
Last semester My daughter had a hard time with homework and used excuses no...
Asked by Annie209 in Education Issues/Policies

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Classroom arrangement
The elements you choose for your classroom (furniture, equipment, decoratio...
Asked by Anonymous in Education Issues/Policies

(1 response)

Night before school checklist
I have tried installing adobe acrobat reader, but it would not work. I stil...
Asked by Amandatammy in Education Issues/Policies

(4 responses)

My child was held back last year and she was given the same teacher this ye...
Asked by Anonymous in Education Issues/Policies