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(2 responses)

Homework Problem
My son is in 1st grade and he is giving me a hard time when it comes to hom...
Asked by icc2012mom in Homework/Studying

(1 response)

Integer rules
How do I divide negative integers?
Asked by pookie in Homework/Studying

(0 responses)

recipe word problems
need some examples of recipes for word problems
Asked by Anonymous in Homework/Studying

(2 responses)

reading and spelling
tell us where we can find a learing page online for 1st graders
Asked by bluebirds in Homework/Studying

(2 responses)

my child forgets and looses stuff
I have an 11 year old that is in 5th grade. He is always loosing his conduc...
Asked by lovinglife101 in Homework/Studying

(2 responses)

If I missed 20 out of 70 questions, what percent did I get right?
Asked by Anonymous in Homework/Studying

(2 responses)

Jessica's mother
My daughter is very bright, but it seems to me her grades are suffering gre...
Asked by Paula0569 in Homework/Studying

(1 response)

Procrastination on School Project
My daughter has a big project due after school vacation and she just will n...
Asked by GeorgiaV in Homework/Studying

(5 responses)

Reading Woes
My 2nd grade girl is being forced by her school to read out loud 25 min. a...
Asked by tracey in Homework/Studying

(2 responses)

my daughter has adhd how does she work without getting destracted
Asked by Anonymous in Homework/Studying