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He cant read
My son is seven years old he is very good on math and his very smart but wh...
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

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English clas
what hours of the day does the ruth houston center teach english classes?
Asked by lrdavis in Challenges

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Social Studies and language Arts
my son is struggling in both these classes and having a hard time comprehen...
Asked by mocha9290 in Challenges

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pre k 3
My child will be turning 3 Dec 31 and I would like to put him in a prek3. S...
Asked by tiff in Challenges

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Daughter had a 68 in her progress report. Asked teacher if she needed tutor...
Asked by celin in Challenges

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math struggles
My daughter hates math and immediately shuts down when it's time for homewo...
Asked by frustrated1 in Challenges

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Educational Rankings by State in United States
Which State is ranked #1,#2,#3......
Asked by Tom Staley in Challenges

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1st grade math
how do you solve this,you have 10 sticks in the am,your friends gives you s...
Asked by brebel51 in Challenges

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Fourth grade math
Where can I go to help my son with fourth grade math?
Asked by Alexis in Challenges

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High school to college
What do high school students need to know about college life befor entance?
Asked by prime in Challenges