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How do I teach a child who has Dislexia to read?
How can I help a 13 year with Dislexia to read? His mother had him in Speci...
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

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How do we move on?
My daugher's 5th grade teacher was not a good match. She was afraid to ask...
Asked by momof2 in Challenges

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Grandparents as
When an adult (single) mother lives back with her parents and the grandpare...
Asked by srparent in Challenges

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How do I get my 13 year old to take school more seriously?
Hello I need to know jow to help peak my 13 year old son's interest in scho...
Asked by chris in Challenges

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Temper tantrums
Lots of stressful stuff happening in my house lately. My DD (age 5) has bee...
Asked by ErinTM in Challenges

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what to expect
what to expect in 8th grade
Asked by briannnajadeb in Challenges

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Controlling sweets
I want my kid to eat well but I also don't want to be fascist about it. I h...
Asked by superdub in Challenges