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Ask questions and share answers to help your kids have a successful year.

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(2 responses)

Jessica's mother
My daughter is very bright, but it seems to me her grades are suffering gre...
Asked by Paula0569 in Homework/Studying

(4 responses)

Uncontrollable kids
Hi, How are you? I teach full time. Generally my kids are really good, til...
Asked by mommo7 in Challenges

(2 responses)

My son is 6 years old, We started first grade young his birthday is on Sept...
Asked by i woolfolk in Challenges

(3 responses)

Book report anxiety
Help! My dd (3rd grader) is working on a book report this weekend and it is...
Asked by TerryD7 in Elementary School

(2 responses)

need some advice
my 9 yr old is in the middle of his 4th grade year and feels like he don't...
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

(1 response)

indra gandhi
how do we ask in english that indra ghandi was the second prime minister of...
Asked by agnasani in Private School

(2 responses)

5 years old IQ
My son is in k1 tis year....recently his teacher inform me that he is very...
Asked by ezan in Kindergarten

(1 response)

Procrastination on School Project
My daughter has a big project due after school vacation and she just will n...
Asked by GeorgiaV in Homework/Studying

(2 responses)

Avoidance of homework
Why does my son deliberately make mistakes to avoid studying? Should I con...
Asked by GrannyNorine in Challenges

(7 responses)

How do I get my teen daughter motivated to want to do better in school?
My daughter is in 9th grade and is in the IB Honors program, but with high...
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges