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Freinds that bully
What do you do when your 8yr olds good freind calls him names pushs him aro...
Asked by Anonymous in Bullying/Teasing/Peer Pressure

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math and spelling
I work at my son school and when progress report came home he had an C in S...
Asked by Anonymous in Elementary School

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what are algorithms?
My child is having problems with algorithms. What are the best examples to...
Asked by Anonymous in Elementary School

(2 responses)

how to make my 3rd grader to move from 85% to above 90%
my daughter gets an A(80 to90%) directly. She understands quickly and studi...
Asked by sinora07 in Gifted/Talented Kids

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What is an "interjection" in sentence structure?
Asked by jwb-pocomoke in Homework/Studying

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how can I find an advocate to go with me to iep meetings and that won't cos...
Asked by lavonne71 in Learning Disabilities/Special Needs

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How much time online?
Curious to hear how much other parents of elementary and middle school kids...
Asked by Maddy Moore in Internet

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4th grade homework
I can't believe the difference in homework from 3rd grade from 4th. We've o...
Asked by Sam V. in Being an Involved Parent at School

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Homework tears
We just starting the school year and my 1st grader is already ending up in...
Asked by Reilly in Homework/Studying

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Kindergarten Teacher has an attitude with me
My son had a K teacher whom, according to the rules of the school should be...
Asked by Anonymous in Kindergarten