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Ask questions and share answers to help your kids have a successful year.

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(3 responses)

My child hates being in school. He has to go but, I don't understand why he...
Asked by savannah in Challenges

(1 response)

how to print something
how to print coloring worksheets
Asked by mellbell in Kindergarten

(1 response)

first day of pre-kinder
my son 4 1/2 at cassroom acting up doesnt like to do the work also he torne...
Asked by grace1971 in Challenges

(5 responses)

No school sick days
What steps are you taking this school year to keep your kids healthy and in...
Asked by Lisa @ School Family in Healthy School Kids

(6 responses)

How do I teach a child who has Dislexia to read?
How can I help a 13 year with Dislexia to read? His mother had him in Speci...
Asked by Anonymous in Challenges

(7 responses)

Trouble learning
I am an aunt and have my four year old niece two days a week. I'm trying t...
Asked by Anonymous in Pre-School

(1 response)

New school - new chance at friends
We just moved to a new town. I have a child entering 1st grade and one ente...
Asked by crystalL in Elementary School

(1 response)

I think that my child might have ADHD. His kindergarten teacher did not thi...
Asked by crystalL in Learning Disabilities/Special Needs

(3 responses)

1st grade subjects
my 1st grader has come home with homework such as roman numerals, fraction...
Asked by skylerbo in Being an Involved Parent at School

(2 responses)

How do we move on?
My daugher's 5th grade teacher was not a good match. She was afraid to ask...
Asked by momof2 in Challenges