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my child had just started kindergarden and her teacher told me that she doe...
my child started kindergarden this year and after only 3 weeks her teacher...
Asked by jenn in Education Issues/Policies

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Article usage
Can I use an article for our PTO newsletter?
Asked by upmom in Public School

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How to handle bullies who say they are "friends"?
What do I do about those bullies that my daughter calls "friends"?
Asked by Mary in Bullying/Teasing/Peer Pressure

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i need help on find work for my child while home schooling
Asked by MsWinbush in Homeschooling

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my son is in kinder but doesn;t know how to spell his name any suggestions?
my sons just started kinder and does't know how to spell his name. how can...
Asked by Merceditas in Homework/Studying

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need to know what Native American Shelters look like in North and South Wes...
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Asked by whyatt in Homework/Studying

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Kindergartener acting up- teacher says he has ADHD- REPOSTED FOR AMBER
Hi I am having a problem with my son acting up in kindergarten. He has neve...
Asked by Lisa @ School Family in Elementary School

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1st day of school
school calender for bakersville elementary school year 2009-2010 new hampsh...
Asked by larry jerrier in Public School

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Separation anxiety or something more?
My daughter started kindergarten approximately 2 weeks ago. The first 3-4 d...
Asked by lowens67 in Kindergarten

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Asked by in Challenges