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When you ask a child what they would like for Hannukah or Christmas chances are they are going to tell you something (or a lot of things) technology-related. Whats that -- your kids dont say, What Id really love is a gift that is educational??  Oh, shock and horror.  Dont tell th...


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Educational Gift Idea Your Kids Will Love- Seriously!

Posted by: SchoolFamily on Nov 18, 2010 in Kids Math, Kids Learning, Fun Learning Activities


When you ask a child what they would like for Hannukah or Christmas chances are they are going to tell you something (or a lot of things) technology-related. What's that -- your kids don't say, "What I'd really love is a gift that is educational??"  Oh, shock and horror.  Don't tell them I told you, but I know of an amazing gift that is educational and they won't even know that they are learning. It's that old-fashioned gift called wooden building blocks. The benefits are many. 


  • encourage creative play and social interactions
  • spur your child's imagination (and yours!)
  • sharpen fine motor skills
  • teach patterning, physics and pre-geometry 
  • increase spatial awareness
  • promote higher reasoning and math skills

Those are the educational benefits -- but for me, it's the  parent perks that make the difference. I would choose building with blocks over playing a video game with my kids any day of the week. The other wonderful thing about blocks is their shelf life or relevancy in your home. You can buy wooden blocks for a toddler and they will still take them out and play with them 8 years later. There are not many gifts you can say that about. 

Hands down, the favorite blocks in our house are Kapla blocks (see photo). I cannot say enough good things about these uniform wooden planks. They fall into to the category of so simple it's brilliant.  My kids spent hours with these blocks; building things from the instruction booklet, making up their own elaborate creations and making complicated "domino" courses. There was a time when we had as many photos of Kapla creations as we did of our family.  The pride my kids felt for their creations spoke volumes.  My kids are in high school now but we still have the Kaplas handy for when our friends with younger kids come to our house. 

What are your kids asking for this holiday season? Do you have an educational gift that you are excited to give your kids?



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  1. Posted by - Melissa Taylor on Nov. 22, 2010

    I have a bunch of favorites in math and science if you want to see them - they're on my blog here:
  2. Posted by - Gail on Nov. 22, 2010

    Thanks for the Kapla suggestion- I am all over that! I also just got a recommendation for the game Blokus which is also supposed to help with math skills.
  3. Posted by - Diane V on Nov. 19, 2010

    My kids LOVE Kapla blocks too. Another favorite educational toy in our house is Lego mindstorms. It was expensive but so worth it to get my boys to take a break from video games and do some problem solving.

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