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There are lots of choices for activities for families around cities and towns on winter school vacation; museums, movies, indoor play spaces, etc. But if crowds arent your thing and you dont want to spend the money, weve got you covered. Heres a list of fun, free kids activities: ...


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School Vacation Activities for Children -- Beyond the Predictable

Posted by: SchoolFamily on Dec 22, 2010 in Fun Learning Activities, Elementary School


There are lots of choices for activities for families around cities and towns on winter school vacation; museums, movies, indoor play spaces, etc. But if crowds aren't your thing and you don't want to spend the money, we've got you covered. Here's a list of fun, free kids' activities:

  • Make a time capsule
  • Have an indoor "camp out."
  • Channel your inner scientist and do some science experiments with your kids. 
  • OK, don't tell your kids I was the one to suggest this, but how about spending an afternoon purging your playroom?  Out with the old, in with the new... your kids will feel good when they donate their old toys to a good cause
  • Go out for a Christmas light walk at night. 
  • Get out the recycling bin and see what your kids create. Let their imagination and creativity direct them, rather than a prescribed project.
  • Find a low-traffic spot in your house where your kids can create a village... or as my family likes to call it "a land of no scale."  Some suggested materials: Legos, Play Mobil, blocks, markers and paper (to draw scenery). 
  • Let nature be the teacher and go on a winter nature scavenger hunt. 
  • Once the holiday decorations come down, the house looks so drab, doesn't it? Brighten up your house by having your kids paint some windows. Sliding glass doors work well because there's lots of space to work with. Hint: add a few drops of dish washing liquid to soap and you won't curse me for this idea when it comes time to wash the paint off the window. 

Finally, if you are looking for some fun interactive learning activities be sure to visit our Print & Use Tools section! 

Wishing you and your family happy holidays and a fun-filled, low-key school vacation!

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  1. Posted by - Beth on Dec. 27, 2010

    Today kids are not challenged to use their imagination - TV has taken away some of the mystery and computer games and hand held games don't let the kids imagine anymore.

    Setting aside some time for the kids to do an art book using their imagination in drawing is a great activity and a cherished keepsake;
  2. Posted by - Angela on Dec. 27, 2010

    Children need to be stimulated with different and creative activities. After spending so much time at school and having to do a lot of homework and studying, it is important to give them the chance to rest, relax and enjoy themselves but also provide them with creative activities that encourage them to use their imagination and independence. Thanks a lot for sharing all these activities!

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