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Stories, Songs, and School

Bill Harley
I’ve spent thirty years singing songs, telling stories, and writing books about children and the world they live in (including the two my wife and I have raised). Here's where I’ll share my thoughts on what I’ve seen in schools, families, and children’s lives. From playground rules to unfinished homework to moldy growths in the backpack – that’s my area of expertise. If you think your kid is the only one who would ever do what they just did, I’ll be there to remind you we’re all in the same boat.

Teacher Gift Ideas – Beyond the chocolate chip cookie

Dec 14, 2009 - Posted by Bill Harley in Teacher Appreciation, Elementary School, Bill Harley

If you’re considering some kind of teacher gift, I have a suggestion. Homemade cookies are always thoughtful, but the problem with cookies is that the teacher will eat them. And there's also all the other cookies and cu... Read more
Song about Swine Flu Prevention

Sep 28, 2009 - Posted by Bill Harley in Health and Fitness, Flu, Bill Harley

When you're sitting in class, There's a tickle in your noseThen you let out a sneeze and it finally explodesYou look down at your hand, It's all covered with that goo,Don't wipe it anywhere, You know what to do!You gotta wash... Read more
Kids: Little Things are Big

Sep 14, 2009 - Posted by Bill Harley in Parent Involvement, Bill Harley

Every day for years, my wife Debbie put a note in our sons’ lunch. You can guess what they said – mostly those three little words, although they often commented on the tests they had to take that day, or the repor... Read more
Sarcasm Jar

Aug 18, 2009 - Posted by Bill Harley in Bill Harley

I know very well that children learn by example, but there are some times I would rather not be reminded of it.   When my sons were locked firmly in pre-adolescence, I noticed certain words creeping into their vocabulary... Read more
Stories at the Table

Jul 28, 2009 - Posted by Bill Harley in Extracurricular Activities, Elementary School

When my kids were in the house, it was a regular part of dinner to go around the table and say one thing about the day. It got us started in conversation, and it didn't stop.  Its where my kids learned about who I was, a... Read more
Encourage Learning - Leave Things Around the House

Jun 30, 2009 - Posted by Bill Harley in Kids Learning, Bill Harley

Parents often come up to me after a concert and ask what they should do to get their child interested in music. When should you start lessons? What instrument is best? There are many approaches to getting children interested ... Read more