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In this space, brings you the expertise, opinions, and thoughts from a variety of guest bloggers. Please feel free to comment on each of their blog posts. If you have someone you'd like to see featured in this space, please email

How To Teach Teens About the Risks of Over-the-Counter Medicine Abuse

Mar 07, 2013 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Teenagers

We are coming out of cold and flu season and chances are you may have some cough medicine and other over-the-counter drugs around the house. It’s hard to believe, but did you know that cough medicines can be abused by t... Read more
Back to School Has a Fun New Routine For Kids with KLEENEX® Brand’s Shield, Sneeze, Swish*

Aug 29, 2012 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Back to School

Back-to-school time is a great opportunity for parents to introduce (or bring back) routines into children’s lives, from homework and bedtime routines to practicing healthy habits. And one of the best ways to help kids ... Read more
5 School Volunteering Tips for Busy Parents

Aug 21, 2012 - Posted by SchoolFamily in School Volunteers, Parent Involvement

Most families are deep into back-to-school preparations (some are already back!). For those getting ready, there’s back-to the mall for school shopping, then back-to the office supply section for glue and crayons, and o... Read more
Plan Ahead with Simple, Tasty, and Fun Breakfasts

Aug 14, 2012 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Cooking, Breakfast

Parents often start the school year with every intention of providing their families with breakfast in the morning. But all too often, they soon find themselves struggling with their kids about what they will and will not ea... Read more
Icky Childhood Illnesses: My Family’s Icky Illness and the Yuck Factor

Jul 18, 2012 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Preschool, Patti Ghezzi, Middle School, Kindergarten, High School, Healthy Kids, Elementary School, Back to School

The phone rings and I recognize the school’s number on my caller ID. It’s not a number I want to see. The school doesn’t call to say hello. It’s the school nurse, and she’s calling to tell me tha... Read more
Host a Playdate for a Child With Food Allergies—You Can Do It!

Jul 18, 2012 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Preschool, Middle School, Kindergarten, High School, Elementary School

Joshua, Henry, Isabella, Matthew, Jasper, Jack, Katie, and Paige. These are just a few of the names of children who have come to our house for playdates and parties for my sons. Between my two kids there have been numerous bi... Read more
Potty Training: Can We All Just Lighten Up?

Jun 06, 2012 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Preschool

This guest blog post is by Rose Cafasso, a senior editor and the community manager at School Family Media, Inc. I was so fascinated by the recent preschool toilet-training debate we had here on the site that I had to put on m... Read more
Laughter Can Lift Spirits: Fond Remembrances From A School Superintendent

Jun 05, 2012 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Teachers, Elementary School

This guest blog post is by Gary Doi, retired school superintendent and founder/editor of A Hopeful Sign, a blog intended to "spread hope by sharing real-life stories of living-learning-leading." Whoever first said that laught... Read more
40 Tweets By Parents, Teachers About Parent-Teacher Conferences

May 24, 2012 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Social Media, Parent-Teacher Conference

Editor’s note: Principal Joe Mazza runs a weekly Twitter gathering each Wednesday evening called Parent-Teacher Chat (#PTchat). For more information on the chats, see information at end of this guest blog post. The #PT... Read more
Expert Sue Scheff Offers Parents 10 Tips to Help Prevent Teen Drug Addiction

Mar 22, 2012 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Teenagers, Teen Girls, Teen Boys,, Parenting, Middle School, High School

Sue Scheff is an author, a parent advocate, and the founder of the Parents' Universal Resource Expert (P.U.R.E.). Scheff helps families with at-risk teens, and specializes in educating parents on the daunting industry of teen... Read more