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Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan
Blogging from the founder of SchoolFamily Media

Be There or Be Square

Oct 02, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Parent Involvement

"It's well-documented that parent involvement helps kids do better in school, but during the busy school year, it can be tough to set aside quality time with the kids. That's why a nationwide campaign is asking parents to hav... Read more
Watch the Video!

Sep 29, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Untagged 

Watch the clip of Tim's appearance this morning on Fox & Friends!He offers some examples and a few tips for thinking about wants vs. needs for back-to-school supplies.What kinds of tools are your kids asking for this year... Read more
Mom Song - 24 Hours

Sep 28, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Untagged 

"In just under 3 minutes, Anita Renfroesums up what every mom says in a 24 hour period...and even manages tomake it rhyme!If you can't see the video, you can watch it on YouTube instead.... Read more
Lessons on Life

Sep 19, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Teachers, Back to School

"I grew up in a very small town. The kind of town where you can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know. So when I went back for a visit earlier this month, it wasn't the least bit unusual that I ran into several of my ... Read more
Don't Stop the Bus

Sep 10, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Back to School

Every year, the parents in my neighborhood kick up a fuss about the middle school bus stop. The elementary kids get picked up every few houses, but once they enter 4th grade, they have to walk to a single stop. The stop is ab... Read more
Old Notebook, Fresh Start

Sep 05, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in School Supplies, Back to School

We made it through the first week of school and so far, so good. Except I lost the fight to convince my 4th grader to start the year with a fresh notebook.I knew it was time to give up when, after the first day of school, I f... Read more
Back to School on Boston TV

Aug 28, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Back to School

If you're in New England and hanging out tomorrow morning, I'll be appearing on the Fox 25 Morning show on Thursday, August 23rd somewhere around 8:30 AM. Will be talking about this great site and all the ways parents can mak... Read more
Back to School 2007 on National TV

Aug 28, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Back to School

If you missed last week's local TV spot featuring Back2School 2007, make sure you tune in around 8:40 a.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, Aug. 29, for the national morning news show Fox & Friends. Tim will be talking about on... Read more
End of Summer Blues

Aug 27, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Back to School

Well, this is it. School starts this week, and for the first time since I myself was in school, I'm not cheerily tacking up "bon voyage" banners and breaking out the champagne. Dare I say it? I think I'm actually going to mis... Read more
Rapper's Message: Stay in School

Aug 24, 2007 - Posted by Tim Sullivan in Untagged 

Whether you think rap music is a bad influence on kids or harmless fun, you've got to give a hand to Ludacris, who recently held a back-to-school fair for low-income kids in his hometown of Atlanta.Whether you think rap music... Read more