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Join our bloggers as they share their experiences on the challenges and joys of helping children succeed in school.
Livia McCoy
A Practical Way To Deal With Missed Work

Sep 08, 2015 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Livia McCoy, Homework

Absences from school are unavoidable at times. Illnesses and family emergencies are not predictable. Some students find themselves getting anxious about how to get caught up when they return. After an extended absence, it doe... Read more
5 Quick Tips: Helping When Your Child Isn't Fitting In

Sep 04, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Social and Emotional Development, Bullying

We all want our kids to have friends and enjoy going to school every day. When that doesn’t happen, our hearts break and all we want to do is make things better for them. Before you do anything, take a moment and read ... Read more
Connie McCarthy
Getting Involved Matters!

Sep 03, 2015 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Parent Involvement, Connie McCarthy, Back to School

As you well know, now that school is back in session, it’s a very busy time for families. One of the best things parents can do to help their child be successful in school is to become involved in the school community. Even... Read more
Different Kinds of Smart

Sep 01, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Parenting, Learning Styles, Kids Learning, Back to School

by Elizabeth S. Leaver At some point not too long ago, a piece along the lines of “see that silent mom who isn’t really participating while everyone else is talking about her child’s achievements” mad... Read more
Livia McCoy
Note-Taking Tips for Back to School

Sep 01, 2015 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Livia McCoy, Kids Learning, High School

Classes in middle and upper school require students to take notes without assistance from the teacher. This is a difficult skill to master for many students, and it is not really taught anywhere in the curriculum. Those who n... Read more
5 Quick Tips To Help Your Child With Homework

Aug 28, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Homework, Back to School

Is it possible that as parents we may actually dread homework more than our kids? Well…don’t answer that out loud. We are here to help make this year different! Just focus on these 5 quick tips and you’ll s... Read more
Empty Nesting: The Process of Letting Them Go

Aug 27, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Parenting, High School, College, Back to School

by Rose Cafasso   A week from now, I will be an empty nester. Or should I say my husband and I will be empty nesting, for it’s a process, not an identity. It’s another phase of the journey we started when our children ... Read more
Connie McCarthy
Five Home Routines for Kindergarten Success

Aug 27, 2015 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Kindergarten, Connie McCarthy

Kindergarten is a big step for your young child! Here are five easy ways to help her become better organized for a successful and smooth home-to-school transition. Create a school night bedtime routine. To the extent possi... Read more
Help Your School Win $10,000 From Frigo Cheese Heads

Aug 27, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Contest

Are you a parent who would like to help your child’s school? Maybe even help it win $10,000? Enter your school in the Frigo® Cheese Heads® Build a Bright Future Promotion, and you will have a chance to do just t... Read more
Livia McCoy
Let Your Kids Try—Even if They Might Fail

Aug 25, 2015 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Social and Emotional Development, Livia McCoy

Sometimes, your child might want to try out for a sport or take art lessons, even when you know she really doesn’t have the aptitude for it. It is tempting to discourage her from trying, because it is hard to watch your chi... Read more