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Reading Log as Homework? Win a Reading Pup

Sep 01, 2011 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Kindergarten, Kids Reading, Fun Learning Activities, Elementary School, Contest, Back to School

Yesterday was the first day of school in my town. I met up with a bunch of moms after bus stop time to swap stories. Fortunately everyone in our bunch went off to school happily. The back-to-school mood of the group was divi... Read more
Livia McCoy
Executive Functioning -- How it Affects a Student in School

Aug 31, 2011 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Organization, Livia McCoy, Kids Learning

There is a great article you might enjoy reading: Executive Function—A New Lens Through Which to View Your Child. What I like the most about it is that it focuses on how a better understanding of your child's stren... Read more
Carol Brooks Ball
Why is Mom the Family's Social Calendar-Carrier?

Aug 30, 2011 - Posted by Carol Brooks Ball in Vacation Homework, Teacher Appreciation,, School Volunteers, School Supplies, Parent Involvement, Middle School, Kindergarten, Homework, High School, Extracurricular Activities, Elementary School, Back to School, After-School

School for my rising high school junior starts in seven days, which means that in seven days, I'll be hit with an avalanche of paperwork and important dates to record. I'm already in the doghouse, however, for forgetting some... Read more
Connie McCarthy
7 Ways Parents Can Help Kids with Back-to-School Jitters

Aug 29, 2011 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in School Success, Parent Involvement, Connie McCarthy, Back to School

Every year, about this time, I think about what strategies I can use to comfort those new students who are fearful about school, or are having a hard time separating fr om parents. School "jitters" are real and scary emotions... Read more
Girls + Science, Technology, and Math = Never Too Young!

Aug 26, 2011 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Technology, School Success, Parent Involvement, High School, Extracurricular Activities, Elementary School, College

As a parent, it’s inevitable that you have those “I wish I knew then, what I knew now” moments. My oldest child is a senior in high school. Needless to say, there have been a lot of those moments recently.&n... Read more
Carol Brooks Ball
The 'Mindset' of college freshmen, for parents

Aug 24, 2011 - Posted by Carol Brooks Ball in Parent Involvement, Helicopter Parents, College, Back to School

When my son was a college freshman, I remember dropping him off at school amid the chaos of freshmen move-in-day. After we'd helped him haul all his stuff in repeated trips up three flights of stairs in the dusty old dormitor... Read more
Carol Brooks Ball
Back to School Books that Address First-Day Jitters

Aug 23, 2011 - Posted by Carol Brooks Ball in Teachers,, Kids Reading, Health and Fitness, Elementary School, Bullying, Back to School

If I had to pick a favorite book that I’ve read to my children during times when they've been anxious about returning to school, I’d be unable to choose – there are that many excellent choices. One that top... Read more
Livia McCoy
Don't Let Technology Keep Your Child from Getting Enough Sleep

Aug 23, 2011 - Posted by Livia McCoy in School Success, Parent Involvement, Livia McCoy, Kids Learning

My students sometimes have trouble staying awake in school. They tell me they do not get much sleep at night. When I question them about it, I often find out that they are "sleeping" with their cell phone. That is such a b... Read more
Carol Brooks Ball
Preschooler Parties that are Over the Top

Aug 23, 2011 - Posted by Carol Brooks Ball in Kindergarten, Extracurricular Activities, Elementary School

Have you heard about this? It's the latest garish, new, reality television show, wherein parents (mothers mostly), spend absurd amounts of money on parties for their young children. Called  "Outrageous Kid Parties," the ... Read more
Connie McCarthy
How to Help your Child Make Math Connections

Aug 22, 2011 - Posted by Connie McCarthy in Kids Math, Kids Learning, Fun Learning Activities, Connie McCarthy

We use math skills each and every day. We follow a pattern when we commute to work, when we calculate change from our purchases, or when we check the temperature, etc. The key to helping your young child understand math is t... Read more