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Join our bloggers as they share their experiences on the challenges and joys of helping children succeed in school.
Livia McCoy
Should Kids Get an Allowance?

Aug 26, 2014 - Posted by Livia McCoy in Livia McCoy, Allowance

Parents often ask me about whether they should give their teens an allowance. Some feel that children should do their chores because it’s the right thing to do, and they should not be paid for it. Others think giving th... Read more
Carissa Rogers
GoodNCrazy Mom Wonders: Child Slave Labor or Allowance?

Jun 06, 2012 - Posted by Carissa Rogers in Teenagers, Teen Girls, Allowance

“Mom, can I go to the movies with friends tonight?” “Mom, I REALLY need this new mascara.” “Mom, I need $450 for the band trip.” ($450!?!) “Mom, these shoes are too cute. I must have... Read more