Cheating and Underachievers

Apathy and Underachievers


Divorce: How To Help Your Child at Home and at School

Divorce can wreak havoc on a child’s world and affect her life at school. How much information should a parent give a child’s teacher and other adults in the chi...

When Motivation Levels Differ: Motivating Your Kids Without Comparing Them

In many families, one child is self-motivated and directed while the other is not. How should parents help the unmotivated child without drawing comparisons to the i...

Talking With Your Child About School

Get Kids Talking About School

Get Kids Talking About School

Try these questions to help your child open up about what goes on during his school day.

If Your Child Is the Bully

What to do when the school says your child has been involved in bullying — and she's the bully.