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Started by Shayna.
Last replied by adam123 02-27-2010
Started by ErinTM.
Last replied by ErinTM 08- 5-2009


cmccarthy, 2009-09-08 21:45:48
Hi Angaritad - To help my children focus and pay attention to directions I played a "Directions" game with them. I used a small sticker as a reward, and started out simply, with a 2 step direction: "Hop to the sink, then jump back to me" I only said the direction once, so they really had to pay attention if they wanted their sticker! As they got better, I increased the number of directions: "Jump to the door, hop back to the chair, then give me a high-five." Simple games like these really help a child focus on what is being said. That promotes better listening at school. ~ Connie McCarthy (Read my blog Connie's Classroom --
angaritad, 2009-09-05 19:39:21
My son is in a kindergarten/first grade class, he is the youngest kid and has trouble staying focused on a lesson for too long. When he asks questions or doesn't get the directions the first time the older kids, inlcuding the teacher gets annoyed. what do I do??
Lisa @ School Family, 2009-08-30 22:31:57
Lisa @ School Family
Hi- I think awaltman is so right about we worry more than our kids do! Have you read this article about getting ready for kindergarten? Also, you might find this conversation from our Q & A. Keep us posted on how back to school goes! ~ Lisa
alwaltman, 2009-08-13 09:25:18
Hi Erin, my daughter is in the same boat. She will be starting the end of this month and NONE of her preschool friends are in her class. I told her that the good thing about this is that she will get to make all new friends. Although I have to admit, it did make me sad and anxious as well. I think sometimes we as parents worry more than the kids do :-)
ErinTM, 2009-07-07 10:14:43
My daughter is starting kindergarten in September and won't know anyone in her class. I am probably more anxious than she is :) But is there anyway I can prepare her?