Parents of gifted children
We noticed that many of you have checked the box that says your child(ren) is gifted or talented. Use this space to connect with other parents of gifted children.
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Started by Lisa @ School Family.
Last replied by geoffkburton 03-19-2010


bettyclares, 2009-10-20 15:54:40
Liz, I just wrote pretty much the same thing about my 4th grader and then noticed your comment. I don't know how to keep my son from just doing the minimum because he knows it all comes easy to him. He was in a pullout program in our district for Academically Talented and Gifted Children, but they cut it with the budget cuts here in California! I am going to make my son read more and try that over our break. Also the teacher can give you some websites for math and other subjects. You should keep your teacher informed that your child tested "Gifted" and see if the teacher can give your child extra or harder work to keep him/her engaged. Good luck to you! Suzanne
LizJ, 2009-08-30 22:25:42
One of my kids is considered "gifted" and is in the 4th grade in a public school. I am wondering what other parents of gifted children do outside of school for their child. We don't have gifted programs in our town. I have 2 other kids so I don't want to single one out, but I also want to do right by my 4th grader.