Middle School social changes
How to handle the social changes that come with middle school - cliques, peer pressure -- fun, fun, fun
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Started by JD2000.
Last replied by Victoria 10-26-2009


Laurenkorn, 2010-06-01 20:57:38
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Truebella, 2009-10-23 20:51:30
Hi Bettyclares- I hear you. The only thing i will say is that I found that I freaked out about the boyfriend girlfriend thing when my kids were in 6th grade and in the end it really didn't mean anything except that they occasionally went to the youth center together --with a group of friends. They never talked on the phone or went out alone. They were just testing the waters,. If anything, I decided that it was good practice at having a friendship with the opposite sex. What defines this age is that they just want to fit in.
bettyclares, 2009-10-20 16:09:46
I have a 6th grade son who is getting caught up in Girls! He thinks he needs to have a girlfriend like some of his buddies and I was just wondering how other parents handle this situation? I am afraid he is going to let his studies go to the back burner and his social life to be on the front! I personally think this is too young to have a "girlfriend" or "boyfriend". Thanks!