How do boys learn best?
I hate to generalize but my son learns so differently than his sister. Looking for suggestions on how to talk to teacher about classwork and class structure and also how to help him learn at home
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sonia3kids, 2009-10-22 11:43:28
I agree..I have both a girl and a boy.. the boy being the oldest . its a difference.. One thing i do at home. is I give him his space. I start with him during hour homework hours. go through what he needs to do , then i leave him on his own. I find it works better that way. Ofcourse, i do check on his status every 20 min. or so. when it comes to classwork teachers have it rough. they have to cramp up all this material in a short time. i usually let the teacher's know of "popular" books and cartoons and games that way it can give her an idea of what the boys are into these days and maybe she can use some of that to catch their attention. its like when my son has to do a report or project, i let him do it on a subject (no matter how silly it sounds to me) that he feels comfortable and knowledgable about.