I hate school talent shows
How do other parents manage the drama that goes along with kids in sch talent shows
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Cole, 2010-02-22 09:46:32
I am so with you. I think that schools do these to torture parents - LOL. My daughter just did one and i ran into the same thing. I actually contacted our school counselor because it was causing so much drama and hurt feelings between girls that are usually good friends. Well she said that unless there was out and out bullying going on that i should let them work through it. She did say that this was a good oppty for parents to have a conversation individually with their kids about empathy, leadership and how to give and take criticism. So I emailed the girls parents (who i know very well) and passed along this info. I heard back from 2 of the moms and not the other 2. I hope I didn't step over any lines but I thought it would be good for them to hear as well. From there, the girls have been working things out... a little bit better... maybe due to conversations w/moms? Anyway, they all made it in one piece to the show and did a great job. I for one am glad it is over. Good luck!
Lexy, 2010-02-18 17:15:26
Anyone else with me on this. My dd is in a talent show at school and the forming of groups and who is in who is out, power struggles, hurt feelings is driving me mad. Do I get involved or not get involved? Apparently some of it has carried over to school bc the teacher sent home an email saying she did not want the kids practicing during recess bc they were excluding other kids. I'm telling you the teacher has her hands full with this group of gals! any words of advice ??