Help with book reports
How parents can help kiddos with book reports
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dixiemom, 2010-04-07 22:01:27
Thanks, Lisa. I printed out the chart and bought some colored markers. Think we are on our way.
Lisa @ School Family, 2010-03-03 13:33:33
Lisa @ School Family
Hi Dixiemom- I think that every teacher has different skill sets and teach kids differently. Think that it is our job as parents to advocate for our kids and fill in the gaps of things they might be missing in school. That said, I think that book reports are a great opportunity to teach our kids about organizing information. They can be very overwhelming to young kids. I have found that by buying index cards and colored highlighters I could introduce my kids to organizing thoughts. A great way to get started with the process is using this printable chart that helps kids organize information before writing. The key is to teach them about breaking down the process without actually do the work. Once they understand how to approach the book report, it they ask for help on content the best thing you can do is ask them questions to get them thinking.