How to help my child with spelling
suggestions on how to help kids who are bad spellers
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Started by KTbryan.
Last replied by Lisa @ School Family 04-14-2010


Makahalady, 2010-06-07 09:05:30
See The Phonovisual Method and explanation on internet. As a specialist, I have used it for 40 years in U.S. and N.Z. Recommended by govt. to me. Supplies consonant and vowel personal, multisensory charts. Your child may be storing the spelling words only in short term memory if he isn't able to sequence. Cheap, easy, and quick. If he has a good phonetic knowledge, help him count the sounds through the word and write the word. Compile a list of studied words for reference in writing sentences and stories. Buy a scholastic children's dictionary and teach him how to use it. It will help him all through school. Circle the vowel spellings inside a word for study. As you drive somewhere, give him words to spell. Explain to Makahalady and I will answer questions.