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Does Learning an Instrument Help Learning?

Sep 24, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Fun Learning Activities, Extracurricular Activities, Creativity

by Kathryn Lagden A couple of weeks ago we shared this fun fact on Facebook: 20% of kids learn to play music. 70% of adults wish they had. It obviously resonated with folks as it generated a lot of “shares” and d... Read more
5 Quick Tips: Staying Connected During Middle School

Sep 14, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Parent Involvement, Middle School

Staying involved in what is going on with your middle schooler is a tricky endeavor. She wants more freedom and you want to give it to her, but at the same time you don’t want to be completely cut off from her school l... Read more
Easing the Back-to-School Transition for Preschool Siblings

Sep 11, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Preschool, Back to School

by Kathryn Lagden My 6-year-old left the safety of the “kindie pen” and walked into grade 1 with confidence and ease. Back- to-school transition handled. But it wasn’t quite so easy for my feisty two-and-a-h... Read more
5 Quick Tips: Helping When Your Child Isn't Fitting In

Sep 04, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Social and Emotional Development, Bullying

We all want our kids to have friends and enjoy going to school every day. When that doesn’t happen, our hearts break and all we want to do is make things better for them. Before you do anything, take a moment and read ... Read more
Different Kinds of Smart

Sep 01, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Parenting, Learning Styles, Kids Learning, Back to School

by Elizabeth S. Leaver At some point not too long ago, a piece along the lines of “see that silent mom who isn’t really participating while everyone else is talking about her child’s achievements” mad... Read more
5 Quick Tips To Help Your Child With Homework

Aug 28, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Homework, Back to School

Is it possible that as parents we may actually dread homework more than our kids? Well…don’t answer that out loud. We are here to help make this year different! Just focus on these 5 quick tips and you’ll s... Read more
Empty Nesting: The Process of Letting Them Go

Aug 27, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Parenting, High School, College, Back to School

by Rose Cafasso   A week from now, I will be an empty nester. Or should I say my husband and I will be empty nesting, for it’s a process, not an identity. It’s another phase of the journey we started when our children ... Read more
Help Your School Win $10,000 From Frigo Cheese Heads

Aug 27, 2015 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Contest

Are you a parent who would like to help your child’s school? Maybe even help it win $10,000? Enter your school in the Frigo® Cheese Heads® Build a Bright Future Promotion, and you will have a chance to do just t... Read more
A Case for Teaching Handwriting in the Digital Age

Sep 29, 2014 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Writing, Kids Learning, Handwriting

by Anne G. Faigen Until a friend described a recent visit with his middle-school-age grandson, I had no idea of a debate raging about the teaching of penmanship. My friend told me, “I got tired of his being in some alte... Read more
Emotional Awareness: An Essential Tool for Back to School

Aug 27, 2014 - Posted by SchoolFamily in Social and Emotional Development, Back to School

by Eve Sullivan Getting kids ready to start school may have been simple in the past, but not today. Ads scream “Order this…buy that…and your child will be safer, smarter, happier!” And young people, ... Read more