Duval Charter School At Baymeadows

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Charter School

Grades: K - 12

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Here’s how parents rate and review Duval Charter School At Baymeadows

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: I have heard very bad and poor reviews from many people and this school has got worst sense principal brown left.

IMPROVED: get better staff ,and the teacher need too review things if a student was absent.


ROCKS: nothing

IMPROVED: This school is HORRIBLE! The teachers are constantly changing so your child does not get a good experience. There is no dual enrollment and I hate the teaching style. I wouldn't recommend this school.


ROCKS: Leaving

IMPROVED: this is the worst school if you want your child to be cared for and helped


ROCKS: Absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

IMPROVED: Well... how about an Administrative Staff who cares about your child and helping them instead of making their issues worse, an ESE program that actually does what they are supposed to do and teachers who implement the IEP.. How about suspend kids who hit others and kick them down in the hallway or teachers who dont grit their teeth at your kid and putting their fist up at them... WORSE SCHOOL EVER AND I REGRET EVER PUTTING MY KID IN THIS HORRIBLE SCHOOL!





ROCKS: The Parent involvement and curriculum. The school overall is well structured. I feel safe and comfortable leaving my child in their hands.

IMPROVED: The school should not conform to the Duval County school schedule especially when it comes to early release days. In my opinion children should spend as much time learning as possible. Also more enrichment classes should be offered in extended day.


ROCKS: Love this school, The principal is great and love the education my child is getting



ROCKS: The teachers are engaging and make learning fun.


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