Llt Academy

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Grades: 6 - 8

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Here’s how parents rate and review Llt Academy

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: I love the teachers,and I meant to send a 5 star review


RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: All the wonderful administration. ?

IMPROVED: Maby the clothing not being expensive.


ROCKS: I am a parent of a student who goes here. I thought this school was good at first but then i relized that all they wanted was money. This school is kind of expensive and i hate that piece of shit that they call a school. Also they are prety racist. Ive been there and when mrs.logan sees a white kid she smiles, but when she sees a black or hispanic kid she looks away i hate her,

IMPROVED: I want someone to tell the rat-looking bitch called mrs.logan to go fuck herself because she is a stupid ass cunt. And if someone dont do it for me i will. And if you are mrs.logan well go eat some shit you bitch

RATED: Not rated

ROCKS: Nothing. The class sizes is smaller, but doesnt do any good if the teachers cant control the class.

IMPROVED: Need to hav diverse staff. Need to start having parent teacher conferences and comunicate positive stuff to the kids and parents,


ROCKS: small class size

IMPROVED: When you take the school tour they never mention that you have to pay for everything on this school. The communication between parents and the school is unsufficient, they only sent flyers for money maing events, but never for conference evenings. Students are being bullied and the teachers are doing nothing about it. To make this school better: 1. Communicate more with parents 2. Fundraisings for projects for students 3. Anti bully projects



IMPROVED: fix the toilets

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