How much TV do you allow your kids to watch on school nights?
Up to 1 hour : 31.2%
No limit : 24%
Up to 2 hours : 19.2%
None : 16.3%
Up to 3 hours : 9.4%

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  1. Posted by - Sequoia Alexander on Mar. 03, 2015

    I'm only 16 but I think that all kids should do their homework before doing anything. I've done this thing where homework first and you don't forget to do it and you wont have to constantly trying to forget it or not wanting to do it. More free time for the kids and less stress for the kid having to ask for help. If they ask for help so late the parents brain will be half asleep and they may give the wrong answer.
  2. Posted by - lala on Feb. 25, 2015

    no comment
  3. Posted by - shykita corbitt on Apr. 09, 2014

    i luv this
  4. Posted by - nae l on Nov. 24, 2012

    Let kids be themselfs if you aren't been you aka:enormus
    I know how o spell and i watch t.v
  5. Posted by - nae on Nov. 24, 2012

    See i hear talk im 14 some channels are nasty but
    your children need to that you trust them enough
    to let them make their on choices your not going to be their for
    them for life.

    PS:gave faith in them
  6. Posted by - Elizabeth on Nov. 10, 2012

    Thankyou for this oppertunity.

  7. Posted by - Sue on Apr. 15, 2010

    T.V. is not for active parents or children! By the time we get home from their afterschool activities, we barely have enough time for family stuff! My husband works with the kids on learning Spanish, practicing viloin, reading to each other, etc...while I cook dinner. We eat as a family and have discussions around 7 - 8 PM. They take their baths and get ready for a bedtime story or Game night on Friday. My 4 and 8 year old go to bed at 9PM. As they get older and have later practices and girl scout meetings, etc., T.V. will be unheard of..thus we do not have cable nor watch t.v.
  8. Posted by - jk on Dec. 04, 2009

    be interesting to know how much computer time our kids get too:
  9. Posted by - Maggie on Jul. 17, 2009

    wowww... ok, I'm 13 (not a parent, just stumbled upon this site) and Mrs. B whoever you are, you need to take that stick out of that uncomfortable place.... think I'm being rude? better blame tv. war? tv poverty? tv. (note the sarcasm people) of course, me knowing so much about things like the human body, food chains, animals, - blame tv for that one too- anyone ever see a little show called magic school bus? I learned a lot from that show, without ever even knowing it- but when I'm in school, I'll give the correct answer to a question (straight A student, not to brag, just to further prove my point) and I'll think to myself "hey, I learned that from the magic school bus!"
  10. Posted by - John Birm on Feb. 10, 2009

    I am 15 and think that all parents suggesting history channel should watch it first. For a young child somes shows wouldn't be appropriate.
    For example: Documentaries on Hitler, Wars, sex, etc. I agree with Ligaya, you should watch tv with your kids to see if a channel is ok instead of assuming that a channel is kid-friendly because it has the word history in it.
  11. Posted by - Cole on Feb. 07, 2009

    Man! Whoever in the world is Mrs. B. needs to chill. TV isn't THAT bad, you are acting like TV will kill kids. I'm sure you watch it, too!
  12. Posted by - amy on Jan. 27, 2009

    I think some parents here need to just chill...its ok to have an opinion but let's stop trying to micro managing our kids,
  13. Posted by - Ligaya on Jan. 18, 2009

    We limit the use of TV...for adults there is nothing on. For kids, there are some educational shows that are beneficial to them, along with history channel, discovery channel, news, PBS etc. The key is to be with them while watching and make it an interactive event and discuss what values you hold as a parent to point out during the show. Ask them questions or answer the questions they have. Their minds are curious and shouldn't be censored by all media. I do plan though to cancel our cable this month. Board games and playing is a better choice.
  14. Posted by - angella jenkins on Jan. 15, 2009

    i really dont care how much tv my children watch becuase i think they should have their freedom.
  15. Posted by - forwhatitsworth on Jan. 14, 2009

    Preferred evening: reading books in bed with my two snuggle bunnies who are two and four
    Actual evening: reading books in bed with aforementioned snuggle bunnies
    conversations that arise from this event: priceless.
    As you can see, I watched tv- that was based on an ad. My two children however do not. It's been really fun to watch them grow up and learn how to entertain themselves and really love, I mean LOVE reading!
    for what it's worth
  16. Posted by - CC on Jan. 11, 2009

    What is with you people a little bit of TV does not hurt a child of course you should limit what they watch but then when they do not have you to limit them they will watch it constantly if they get used to watching in small limits in will follow them in life
    cool it!!!!!!!!
  17. Posted by - kristopher on Jan. 06, 2009

    I think most tv is highly inopropriate and suggestive. It is totally outrageous and stupid to keep the tv on 24/7 without supervision. All your doing is filling your kids mind with crap! Believe me I know what kind of damage it can do in a school day im 10 years old.The only thing I recomend is Discovery channel

    p.s. My parents got this awesome DVD player called Clear Play. it totally mutes all swears, cuts out sexuall images, and blood . check it out online. Youdont even know its there
  18. Posted by - Sally on Jan. 06, 2009

  19. Posted by - adrianna on Nov. 26, 2008

    lifes is a blessing with children
  20. Posted by - adrianna on Nov. 26, 2008

    my children are allowed to watch tv only a 1 a day after there school work is done and what they watch has to be approved by either my husband our myself. I perfer for them to watch show our movies that will educate them!!!- adrianna
  21. Posted by - Kacee on Oct. 02, 2008

    Much of today's television has no socially redeeming value; on top of that we'd miss out on family interaction. It's not that the kids never watch, it's just monitored carefully. Over the years, the kids prefer personal interaction by game playing--Uno, Monopoly, Life, checkers-on family night. Even their friends want to be involved in our family night activities; we developed family and friends night once a month.
  22. Posted by - Larena on Oct. 02, 2008

    I agree Jackie, I do NOT believe that watching TV will cause a child to end up selfish with a negative attitude. If it does the child is watching something that is not appropriate for a child. Many shows for kids can teach them good traits. There is many channels such as the history or the discovery channels or even PBS stations that run shows like Mr. Rogers. People have to be aware of what the child is watching, and talk to them about it. The times that you see problems like that is when the parents use the TV as a babysitter and not for entertainment and learning.
  23. Posted by - jackie on Oct. 01, 2008

    Seriously? Kids who watch TV end up selfish with poor self images and negative attitudes? Those a some bold accusations. I grew up watching television and am a successful, happy adult who feels great about herself. TV is not the root of all evil. Look deeper.
  24. Posted by - Mrs. Carter on Sep. 30, 2008

    I reward my children with television. They have a point chart and when chores are done and they accumulate a certain number of points they can exchange them for television priveleges. It works well for us, and I don't have to listen to all their shows all the time.
  25. Posted by - angel on Sep. 30, 2008

    you guys ive got a son named malaki 10monthesold &a dauter10 years old and she helps out with the baby so i reward her with tv my dauters name is julianna
  26. Posted by - Mrs. B on Sep. 25, 2008

    TV is like poison to a young mind. Parent's who allow their children to watch regular TV are doing them a huge disservice. Then you wonder why your children are confused about themselves, relationships, and healthy friendships? Kids who watch TV end up selfish, poor self images, negative attitudes and unhealthy relationships in life. Save your children from unnecessary pain, and get involved in their lives and quit making excuses for your childs bad behaviors.
  27. Posted by - Coleen on Sep. 23, 2008

    I will add that our kids watch 1 hour of their shows and are allowed to watch part of the news that we turn on after dinner. I consider news programs as a part of learning especially during this historic election cycle.
  28. Posted by - Rachel on Sep. 23, 2008

    Maybe that is why kids can't write or spell words like fundamental. They are too busy watching television.
  29. Posted by - jalicia on Sep. 22, 2008

    this tv thing is so fundimatal especially disney channel

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