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Grade 1 Worksheets | Grade 2 Worksheets

Help your kids practice what they’re learning in school with these fun grade 1 worksheets and grade 2 worksheets.

Also, learn more about what to expect from elementary school.


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Enjoy this coloring activity, a Valentine-themed hot air ballon.
Number of Downloads: 9508  | Created on: 01/12/2009 hot icon
Enjoy this Valentine's Day coloring page activity, showing a boy and girl in puppy love.
Number of Downloads: 4991  | Created on: 01/12/2009 hot icon
Celebrate Valentine's Day with this acrostic poem activity. Think of a word or phrase that starts with each letter of the word "valentine."
Number of Downloads: 11998  | Created on: 01/12/2009 hot icon
Celebrate Presidents Day with this pariotic coloring page worksheet.
Number of Downloads: 8229  | Created on: 01/12/2009 hot icon
Coloring page of the 12th president, Zachary Taylor. Taylor was president from 1849–1850. Created by White House Kids.
Number of Downloads: 679  | Created on: 12/29/2008

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