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Help your kids practice what they’re learning in school with these fun grade 3 worksheets and grade 4 worksheets. Also, learn more about what to expect from elementary school. Related Links: 3rd Grade Social Changes: What To Expect 4th Grade Social Changes: What To Expect Finding Balance for Busy Families More elementary school resources


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Print & Use Tools: Grades 3-4 Worksheets

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Help your kids practice what they’re learning in school with these fun grade 3 worksheets and grade 4 worksheets.

Also, learn more about what to expect from elementary school.

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Winter Olympics Writing Prompt: Sportsmanshiphot icon
Writing prompt encouraging kids to think about what good sportsmanship means in their own lives. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3112  |  Created on: 12/18/2009
4th of July Multiplication Practice: Single-Digit Multiplicationhot icon
Practice single-digit multiplication with this 4th of July themed math worksheet. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3103  |  Created on: 05/29/2009
Wetland Inhabitant Word Searchhot icon
Word search covering animals you will find in American wetlands |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3057  |  Created on: 09/09/2008
Science Experiment: Lighthot icon
Outline of a science experiment to do at home on refracting light |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3035  |  Created on: 09/12/2008
Football Player Coloring Pagehot icon
Enjoy coloring in this picture of a football player running with the ball. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3001  |  Created on: 06/28/2011
Food Pyramid Posterhot icon
Outlines proper nutrition and exercise |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2996  |  Created on: 09/08/2008
Mardi Gras Addition Practice: Single-Digit Additionhot icon
Practice single-digit addition with this Mardi Gras-themed math worksheet.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2975  |  Created on: 02/18/2009
Autumn Math Practice: Dividing by Sixhot icon
Practice dividing by six with this fall-themed math worksheet. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2970  |  Created on: 08/25/2009
Hanukkah Division Practice: Multi-Digit Divisionhot icon
Practice multi-digit division with this Hanukkah-themed math worksheet. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2966  |  Created on: 11/13/2008
Graduation Coloring Page: Happy Graduate Holding Diplomahot icon
Celebrate graduation with this coloring page showing a girl in cap and gown holding up her diploma. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2962  |  Created on: 04/17/2009
Henry and Mudge Matching Game—Game Pieceshot icon
Game pieces for the Henry and Mudge-themed matching game. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2960  |  Created on: 10/05/2009
Winter Olympics Acrostic Poemhot icon
Winter Olympics acrostic writing activity. Think of a word or phrase that starts with each letter in the words "Winter Games." |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2940  |  Created on: 12/18/2009
My American Journalhot icon
Write about what makes your family and community special, from |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2939  |  Created on: 09/09/2008
Divide and Conquerhot icon
This activity helps children learn how to organize and complete large school projects.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2928  |  Created on: 10/01/2008
Six Steps of Handwashing Posterhot icon
This poster outlines good handwashing techniques, to help prevent the spread of illnesses. Provided by NSF's Scrub Club.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2900  |  Created on: 10/05/2009
Ramadan Word Searchhot icon
Find Ramadan and Islam-related terms in this word search activity.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2874  |  Created on: 08/19/2009
How Can You Help Protect Waterhot icon
Make a list of ways you can help perserve and protect our water resources |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2830  |  Created on: 09/12/2008
Dinosaur Poetry: Allusions, Similes, Acrosticshot icon
Learn about allusions, similes, and acrostics with this dinosaur poetry |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2815  |  Created on: 09/11/2008
History Study Skillshot icon
How you can use games and activities to reinforce what your children are learning in history class.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2808  |  Created on: 10/02/2008
Baseball Coloring Printablehot icon
 |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2805  |  Created on: 06/29/2011
Cinco de Mayo Division Practice: Dividing by Fivehot icon
Practice dividing by five with this Cinco de Mayo-themed math worksheet. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2755  |  Created on: 03/24/2009
Women's History Month Coloring Pagehot icon
This Women's History Month coloring page depicts a woman in front of a lectern. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2745  |  Created on: 02/19/2009
4th of July Missing Lettershot icon
Can you guess which letters are missing in this 4th of July-themed missing letters worksheet? |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2739  |  Created on: 05/29/2009
Splish Splashhot icon
This activity introduces children to the scientific concepts of volume and measurement. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2729  |  Created on: 09/25/2008
Winter Math Practice: Single-Digit Subtractionhot icon
Practice single-digit subtraction with this winter-themed math worksheet. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2728  |  Created on: 12/22/2009
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