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Practice worksheets and activities designed for kids grades K-8. Help your children practice what they’re learning in school with these fun reading, math, science, history and holiday-related printables.



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Practice worksheets and activities designed for kids grades K-8. Help your children practice what they’re learning in school with these fun reading, math, science, history and holiday-related printables.

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Basketball Color by Numbers Printablehot icon
 |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3267  |  Created on: 06/29/2011
Henry and Mudge Rainy Day Gamehot icon
Have fun with this "rainy day" game all about Henry and Mudge.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3263  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Do Drop In Math Gamehot icon
A counting game for 2-4 players/teams. Directions and game card included. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3246  |  Created on: 08/26/2009
Graduation Day Word Searchhot icon
Find Graduation Day-related words in this word search activity. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3245  |  Created on: 04/20/2009
Mardi Gras Coloring Page: Hiding Behind a Maskhot icon
Celebrate Mardi Gras with by coloring this page depicting a woman hiding behind a Mardi Gras mask.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3210  |  Created on: 02/18/2009
Poetry Month Coloring Page: William Shakespearehot icon
Enjoy this fun Poetry Month coloring page depicting William Shakespeare.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3203  |  Created on: 03/09/2009
Mardi Gras Writing Prompt: Choose a Costumehot icon
During Mardi Gras, people often celebrate by wearing costumes and masks. What would your costume look like and why?  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3197  |  Created on: 02/19/2009
Dora Maze hot icon
Help Dora find her way through this maze. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3190  |  Created on: 11/19/2008
Henry and Mudge Crossword Puzzle Worksheetshot icon
Henry and Mudge-themed crossword puzzle. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3187  |  Created on: 10/05/2009
Winter: Missing Lettershot icon
Each winter-related word is missing at least one letter. Figure out which letters are missing in this activity. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3183  |  Created on: 12/22/2009
Notable African Americans: Missing Lettershot icon
Check your knowledge of notable African Americans with this Black History Month crossowrd Puzzle.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3172  |  Created on: 02/16/2009
Women's History Month: Notable Women Crossword Puzzlehot icon
Check your knowledge of notable women in history with this notable women's crossword puzzle. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3167  |  Created on: 02/26/2009
Food Pyramid Informationhot icon
Facts about the USDA's new food pyramid |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3156  |  Created on: 09/02/2008
Beginning Math Analogieshot icon
Practice balancing the equations with these visual analogy sentences. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3117  |  Created on: 03/08/2010
What Is a Setting?hot icon
Read a story to your child and then ask him to draw a picture of the setting. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3112  |  Created on: 10/28/2008
Winter Coloring Page: Snowmanhot icon
Winter-themed coloring page depicting a child building a snowman. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3106  |  Created on: 12/22/2009
Dora: Spanish Flash Cardshot icon
Use these flashcards to help your children practice their Spanish.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3096  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Winter Olympics: Identifying “S” Wordshot icon
Draw a line from each word in the left column to the picture that matches it in the right column. Includes Winter Olympics-themed words.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3053  |  Created on: 12/18/2009
Eat Cake! Activityhot icon
This activity teaches about chemical reactions and change through baking a cake. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3043  |  Created on: 09/25/2008
Dora Seek and Findhot icon
Help Dora find all the books in the picture.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3024  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Mardi Gras Multiplication Practice: Multiplying by Fourhot icon
Practice multiplying by four with this  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3015  |  Created on: 02/19/2009
Odd Ball Additionhot icon
Practice math worksheet for adding single-digit numbers.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3010  |  Created on: 10/21/2008
Trucktown Missing Lettershot icon
Fill in the missing letters in this Trucktown-themed worksheet. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3008  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Plant a Tree Coloring Pagehot icon
Find the difference between each picture. This coloring page provided by Henkel. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3001  |  Created on: 08/31/2009
Winter Olympics Writing Prompt: Sportsmanshiphot icon
Writing prompt encouraging kids to think about what good sportsmanship means in their own lives. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 2997  |  Created on: 12/18/2009
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