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Coloring pages, math activities, writing prompts, all from your favorite book characters.



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Coloring pages, math activities, writing prompts, all from your favorite book characters.

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Dora Color by Numbershot icon
Use this Dora-themed color by numbers sheet to practice learning numbers and colors.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 29797  |  Created on: 11/19/2008
Dora and Diego Family Reading Adventurehot icon
Dora and Diego coloring pages, scavenger hunts, make your own map, backpack tags, finger puppets and more! |  Details
Number of Downloads: 21504  |  Created on: 11/19/2008
Henry and Mudge Activitieshot icon
Have fun with these Henry and Mudge-themed printables. Includes a maze, a word search, memory game, and crossword puzzle.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 18852  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Diego and Dora Connect the Dotshot icon
Connect the dots and color in Dora & Diego. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 16330  |  Created on: 11/18/2008
Trucktown Color by Numbershot icon
Enjoy this Trucktown-themed color by numbers coloring page.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 16310  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Connect the Dotshot icon
Connect the dots to discover what Flint and Sam had so much fun playing with, from the movie, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 15969  |  Created on: 09/22/2009
Dora Spanish Color by Numbershot icon
Practice your Spanish color words with this Dora-themed color by numbers sheet.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 10075  |  Created on: 11/19/2008
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Word Findhot icon
Find all the words you can is this Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs-themed word search. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 7689  |  Created on: 09/22/2009
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: Favorite Foodhot icon
Draw a picture of what your favorite food would look like as it fell from the sky with this Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs design activity. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 7575  |  Created on: 09/22/2009
Dora Matching Shapeshot icon
Match the shapes on the books and the bookshelves with this Dora-themed printable for young children. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 7414  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Trucktown Letter Tracinghot icon
Practice writing letters with this Trucktown-themed letter tracing sheet. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 6271  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Dora Saves the Snow Princess Activitieshot icon
Enjoy this set of Dora Saves the Snow Princess-themed activities. Includes a maze, a letter matching game, and shape counting. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 5757  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Go, Diego, Go! Counting Pagehot icon
Practice counting with this Go, Diego, Go!-themed math worksheet. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 5742  |  Created on: 11/17/2008
Dino Countinghot icon
How many dinosaurs can you find in the water?  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 4946  |  Created on: 11/19/2008
Dora: Identifying Objectshot icon
Help Dora find the objects she needs to complete certain tasks. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 4924  |  Created on: 11/19/2008
Dora Connect the Dotshot icon
Use this Dora-themed connect the dots to practice your numbers.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 4786  |  Created on: 11/19/2008
Dino Letter Recognitionhot icon
Practice recognizing your letters with this dinosaur-themed worksheet.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 4576  |  Created on: 11/19/2008
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Design Activityhot icon
Create a design for spray-on shoes, just like Flint from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 4451  |  Created on: 09/22/2009
Go, Diego, Go! Coloring Pagehot icon
Color ing page featuring Diego, Baby Jaguar, and friends. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 4201  |  Created on: 11/18/2008
Blue's Clues: Identifying First Lettershot icon
Look at the pictures and fill in the first letter of each Blue's Clues character's name. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3996  |  Created on: 10/28/2009
Swiper Coloring Pagehot icon
Stop Swiper from swiping the life jacket! And enjoy coloring the page as well.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3764  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Henry and Mudge Word Searchhot icon
Find the hidden words in this Henry and Mudge-themed word search.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3318  |  Created on: 10/05/2009
Henry and Mudge Rainy Day Gamehot icon
Have fun with this "rainy day" game all about Henry and Mudge.  |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3282  |  Created on: 11/21/2008
Backyardigans: Uniqua Maskhot icon
A cut and color mask of Uniqua from the Backyardigans. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3274  |  Created on: 10/13/2009
Dora Maze hot icon
Help Dora find her way through this maze. |  Details
Number of Downloads: 3210  |  Created on: 11/19/2008
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