Here are some tips for working with your child’s teachers:

• Be positive. Expect that your child’s teachers know what they’re doing and can help your child. Your good attitude may rub off on your child.

• Get involved. Build relationships with educators by participating in school activities. Learn about why the school works the way it does.

• Be patient. If your child doesn’t like a teacher, don’t request a classroom change too quickly. Your child may be learning in class, even if she doesn’t care for a teacher’s personality.

• Don’t compete. Some parents feel jealous when kids strongly admire teachers. This is normal. But don’t let it hurt your support for teachers.

• Work as a team. Teachers are your partners in education. Talk about how you can work together to help your child.

• Resolve problems quickly. Talk to the teacher right away about major concerns. This keeps them from growing and becoming more difficult to handle.

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