Here are four kinds of writing your child should start to practice:

Creative writing. This can be a story, a poem, a play, or anything else your child chooses to make up. Creative writing is fun because your child can use all of her imagination.

Explanation. This is also called expository writing. It is used when the writer wants to share information with the reader. It can be how to put something together or how to solve a problem. Clear writing is the key. The reader of an explanation should come away informed, not confused.

Personal essay. This is a written monologue. In a personal essay, your child can tell about something he believes or has experienced. Clear, organized language is still important.

Persuasive essay. This is a written way to try to convince the reader that the writer’s opinion is the correct one. It should include examples that support the writer’s opinion. It may also include examples to show why opposite opinions are wrong.

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