Here are things you can do to help your teen learn to deal with prejudice:

• Appreciate the qualities that make your teen unique. Let her know that those are the things that make her who she is. You will be helping her learn to value herself. You will also help her learn to value the qualities that make other people unique.

• Encourage your teen to think about how others feel. As teens try to fit in with their peers, they often exclude anyone who is not just like them. If your teen has a conflict with another student, ask him to put himself in the other person’s shoes.

• Make sure your teen knows that in your family, prejudice is not allowed.

• Encourage your teen to take part in activities that surround him with people of diverse groups. These activities will give your teen a chance to learn about—and get along with—different kinds of people.

• Encourage your teen to take positive actions in response to prejudiced thinking. Your teen can paint over racist graffiti. She can write letters to a TV producer who promotes stereotyped programming. He can even confront a peer’s discriminatory behavior.

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