Still, knowing that this behavior is normal doesn’t help as your child misses the bus...again. Here are some tips to help make mornings go more smoothly:

  • Begin the night before. As kids get older, their bedtime gets later...but waking up can be a struggle. Put their natural clock to work. Suggest that they do as much as possible the night before—fix lunch, take a shower and make the all-important decisions about what to wear.
  • Establish habits. At this age, kids have habits that drive their parents crazy. But they can learn to develop some positive habits, too. For example, have a special place where your child can always leave his backpack. As you find things that go back to school (gym suit, algebra book), set them in the same place.
  • Keep some ready-to-eat foods. Breakfast is even more important during times of rapid growth. But your child may suddenly decide that the breakfast he’s eaten every day of his life is no longer “cool.” Don’t worry—just make sure you have nutritious foods your child can eat on the run.
  • Set the clocks ahead. This is a last-ditch remedy, but some families swear by it. A side benefit—you’ll probably get your morning started with less hassle!

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