But experts say that, as important as grades are, they are not the only indicators of future success.

A math test, while important, measures only a small group of a person’s abilities. Tests rarely measure the kinds of skills people need to be successful and enjoy their lives.

What’s more important, many agree, is to have a healthy attitude toward grades and a balanced outlook on life.

In a recent article in Teen Magazine, teens shared tips on how to do this:

• Have a certain time to study. But, after that, have some fun.

• Balance school work with extracurricular activities. A specialty in dance, sports, an internship with a business—all show initiative. These activities will help others recognize abilities beyond grades.

• If you are having trouble in class, ask the teacher for help. If you’re doing all you can and are still having trouble, speak with a counselor.

• Set goals, then work to achieve them.

• Don’t give up. Talk to your teachers about what you’re trying to achieve. They are there to help you.

• Learn to value the knowledge you gain in all subjects you study, regardless of the grades you get.

• Do your best at school, but take time to develop your social side. This is the way you learn to get along with other people.

• Try new things. If you don’t do as well as expected, think about why and learn from the experience. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

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