Very few see the benefits of learning to speak another language.

Here are some facts students should know:

• Students who study a foreign language tend to do better with their native language. For English-speaking students, a new language sharpens English vocabulary, grammar and writing skills.

• Foreign languages improve memory. They offer practice in speaking and listening.

• When students study a foreign language, they are preparing themselves for the world outside of school. They are exposed to another culture and its traditions.

• Those who learn another language have a wide choice of careers open to them.

Here’s how to help your teen succeed in a foreign language:

• Ask your child to teach you a few simple phrases. Use them around the house.

• Stay involved in your child’s homework. Ask how he’s doing at least once a week. Praise his efforts.

• Encourage her to join the foreign language club.

• Look for newspaper and TV stories about the country whose language your child is studying.

• For special occasions, give books, jewelry and music from other countries.

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