The American Association of Commuity Colleges reports: “Training for seven of the top 10 ‘hot’ jobs identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the next century is available at community colleges.”

At a community college, students can take courses in a specialized area that will qualify them for a job. They can earn credits that may transfer to four-year universities.

If community college sounds right for your teen, you can help her get there. Suggest she:

1. Research available colleges. Talk with the high school counselor or get reference materials from the local library. Try an on-line search, starting with key words like “community college.” Free on-line information about colleges nationwide is available from the American Association of Community Colleges at (

2. Request a catalog and a current “schedule of courses” from the preferred colleges.

3. Schedule an appointment with the college counselor. Ask the counselor to help find the right program for your teen.

4. Find out how much it costs to complete the program and what financial aid is available. Is there special aid available or work-study programs to help with child care, transportation or other expenses?

5. Check for registration dates and request application forms from the admissions office if you decide to enroll in any courses.

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