But there is

good news—financial aid is available to more students than ever before.

Here are six places you and your teen can explore to find out what loans, gifts, grants and scholarships are available:

1. Your school guidance counselor’s office—for information about local, state and federal programs and scholarship sources.

2. Your public library—for publications about financial aid, grants and computer search programs for scholarships.

3. Private sources, such as employers, unions, churches, local foundations, civic groups and other community organizations—for programs for which your teen may qualify based on her achievement, hobbies, talents or special affiliations.

4. Financial aid office at the colleges your teen is interested in—for information about federal programs and programs at the college.

5. State education agencies for elementary/secondary and higher education. (To find out how to call your state agencies, call 800/4-FED-AID.)

6. National Community Service—a federal program through which students can work in exchange for college tuition. (Call 800/942-2677 for more information.)

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