It’s comforting to say, “Not my kid!” But it’s dangerous. Many parents who believed their kids were immune from substance abuse now regret it.

Have you bought into any of these myths?

• Myth: My kid is a good kid. I have no reason to be concerned. Reality: Many “good kids” make bad decisions. “Good kids” can do drugs.

• Myth: No parent would condone underage drinking. Reality: In one study of suburban students, 35 percent said their parents tolerate their drinking.

• Myth: It is just a phase my child is going through. Reality: Children go through developmental changes. But when behaviors and conditions worsen, it is more than a phase.

• Myth: My children always tell me the truth. Reality: When it comes to alcohol and other drug use, children seldom tell it like it is.

• Myth: It’s okay if my child drinks if he doesn’t drive. Reality: Underage possession of alcohol is illegal.

• Myth: My child only drinks. He doesn’t do drugs. Reality: Alcohol is a drug. Drinking causes organ damage and results in dangerous behavior.

• Myth: My teen insists she doesn’t have a problem. I don’t want to embarrass her by seeking help. Reality: Early intervention is critical. Embarrassing a child is a small price to pay when you might be saving her life.

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