But, studies show

that 75 percent of high school graduates never complete a four-year college degree.

If you think it’s likely that your teen may take just a few college courses that don’t lead to a career, there are other alternatives to consider.

Some good possibilities for teens who are not planning to go to college include:

• Apprenticeships. A growing number of employers now offer students this time-tested opportunity to learn by doing. Often, a local vocational school may be the best way to find out about local apprenticeships.

Labor unions offer another way to find out about apprenticeships. If no formal program exists, teens may create their own apprenticeship by offering to work without pay for a time.

• Community college two-year certificate programs. Although most of the jobs that will be created in the next century will not require a college degree, the vast majority will require some technical training. Community colleges often offer two-year certificate programs that can lead to immediate employment for your teen.

• Art school. Not all artists are starving. Those with specific skills, including commercial art, commercial photography and fashion merchandising, can often find good jobs. Before your teen enrolls in a program, check out the school’s record of placing graduates in jobs.

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