The older kids get, the more taxed they are for time. The most successful students learn how to manage their time effectively.

Sharing these time management tips from school counselors will help your teen reduce stress and accomplish more:

  • Get organized. Know what you are going to wear the night before school. Plan ahead for lessons and other activities.
  • Be well-supplied. Keep plenty of supplies on hand—daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Make “to do” lists. Keep a notebook and calendar in a pocket for making lists and keeping appointments. Then use them.
  • Establish priorities. Do important things first.
  • Divide work into smaller parts or sections for long-term projects.
  • Carry reading material in the car or in your school bag—to read while in traffic or waiting in line.
  • Limit some activities. Cut down on the amount of time spent on wathcing television or talking on the phone, for example.
  • Don’t put off hard work. Do hardest projects first.
  • Set deadlines. Then complete tasks within the set time limits.
  • Practice self-discipline. Don’t let yourself get distracted from starting or finishing projects.
  • Reward yourself. Once tasks are completed, take a break. Read a book. Get a snack. Visit a friend. Enjoy yourself.

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