But the fact is that some gifted students are bored in school. If their problems are not addressed, they may earn poor grades—or even drop out of school.

Here are some simple ways parents can spark the interest of a gifted underachiever:

• Ask the school to allow your teen to do some independent work. Gifted learners often want to go into great depth on a particular subject. They don’t just want to read Shakespeare, for example. They also want to build a model of the Globe theater. Ask your teen’s teachers if special projects are a possibility.

• Look for opportunities to intern. If your teen is interested in being a lawyer, see if he can spend a few hours a day working in a law office.

• Look for chances for your teen to learn outside of school. Perhaps there are some courses at a local junior college that your teen could take. Or, perhaps a local museum is sponsoring a lecture series that he could attend.

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