Here are some things to think about as you help your student make the best decisions:

• Talk with the teacher. Get a realistic view of what your child’s final grade is likely to be. Ask what he can do to improve his grade.

• Ask the teacher why your child is failing. Is it because he hasn’t turned in assignments? Has he missed several classes? It’s hard to make needed improvements until you learn what the specific problems are.

• Look at your options. Can your child retake the course in summer school? Concentrating on one subject may make it easier to learn. Summer school teachers may also use different teaching methods.

• What are the consequences if your child waits until fall to retake the course? Will it affect his class standing (for example, might he start his last year of high school officially listed as a junior)? Are there other courses he will be unable to take until he passes this one?

• Are there other options for earning the credit? Some schools allow students to take a course through a recognized correspondence program.

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